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Vivo will sell the NEX along with the V9 for Rs 1,947. If you are wondering whether there’s some kind of credit/debit card offer involved along with cashback on a particular kind of transaction, then you are mistaken. The extremely discounted price in on occasion of the Vivo Freedom Carnival sale celebrating India’s Independence Day. Although there are special discounts available for HDFC Bank customers, Vivo will straightway offer the NEX and V9 for Rs 1,947 in a flash sale. The flash sale will be held from 7th-9th August at 12 pm every day on Vivo India’s e-store. If you manage to secure a NEX or V9 in the flash sale, you could be the lucky one to get Vivo’s flagship for a bargain price.

Vivo will also be offering free Bluetooth headphones with the NEX, X21 and V9 handsets. Additionally, Vivo’s range of accessories, including its range of earphones and USB cables, will sell for Rs 72.